Wedding party

Adrienne and David are extremely honored to have these following people and puppy stand up with them on the wedding day to show their love and support. 


Monica Houghton

Maid of Honor

I am Adrienne's one and only younger sister! I am a digital nomad and I run a travel and lifestyle blog called FromHereToSunday.
I am so thrilled to be Adrienne's Maid of Honor and excited to have David as my future brother in law! I can't wait to meet more of the Merz's in Columbus. I am looking forward to celebrating Adrienne and David's Big Day this summer and am excited to meet all of you 😊 Let the countdown begin.


Hanif Abdurraqib

Best Man

I'm a writer, currently writing music journalism for MTV News and also random other outlets as I find the time. I've been away from Columbus for nearly three years, but I'm excited to be moving back home in May. I met David on the soccer fields at Beechcroft High School back in 2003. Since then, we've gotten to watch each other grow through relationships, distances, states, hockey games, and more. I'm really thrilled to be a part of this with all of you!


Victoria Merz (Tori)

I am the younger sister and only sister of the groom, David.  I am a Paramedic in Columbus, Ohio where I was born and raised and I love this city as much as my brother. I am excited to be one of Adrienne's bridesmaids, I'm the only girl of four siblings and it meant a lot to me when Adrienne asked; it is the closest I'll get to ever having a sister. Adrienne was the first and only girl David ever introduced to the entire family, so I knew it was something more when she stuck around after meeting our rather large and boisterous Lebanese family. I was shocked at first when they chose a venue in Columbus, but it is absolutely stunning just like this couple. I am honored and excited to celebrate with them on their special day.


JAmie Brown

 I was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, attended the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign, live in Wicker Park, and work as a Program Manager at Garrett Popcorn's corporate office in Chicago.  I am so happy and honored that Adrienne invited me to be a part of her wedding.  Adrienne and I were introduced by a mutual friend 8 years ago.  In Dubai!  On a yacht!  We reconnected a couple of years later when we both moved into the same apartment building in Chicago, and thank goodness we did, because Adrienne is the most fun, interesting, creative, inspiring, supportive, amazing best friend I could ask for and I am so lucky to have her!  And now I am also very happy to call Dave my friend too!  Adrienne and Dave are both awesome individuals, and even better together!   I am so happy you two came into each others' lives and make each other so happy!  I love you both and I can't wait for your beautiful wedding!


KORIN prince

I've lived in NYC for most of the last 10 years but I promise I'm not really a New Yorker. I'm from the Heart of it All (Ohio) and so is Adrienne, although she claims to be from Wisconsin, that's not really true! Adrienne and I began our friendship before we were born as our parents were friends and lived just 3 houses apart; we learned how to walk and talk together and what friendship really means. In fourth grade, we were both devastated when her family decided to move but since then, and against all odds, we found a way to stay connected and be there for each other when it counts. I am so honored to join in the celebration of Adrienne and her love Dave.


TIFFANI lundeen

I work as a copywriter in the advertising industry. I met Adrienne over 8 years ago in San Francisco during our time at Miami Ad School. After graduation, we packed up our bags and moved to New York City where we collaboratively navigated the many hardships of living in Manhattan (including sleeping on a box spring for a month - together!). As you can imagine, I saw Adrienne kiss her fair share of frogs during this time ;) So when Adrienne told me about David a few years ago, I could immediately tell there was something different about him and their relationship. I’m so excited Adrienne has found her ‘prince’ and can’t wait to celebrate (and exchange Adrienne stories) with you on this special day!



I'm a graphic designer from Chicago, and Adrienne and I met in our improv class in 2013! From our first few classes I knew Adrienne and I would be fast friends - her vibrant personality and sharp intelligence made it easy to talk about any and every thing - which we do, A LOT. I'm so happy that Adrienne and Dave asked me to be a part of their wedding. Sharing this day together will make memories that will last us a lifetime. These two are such kind, interesting and warm-hearted people separately - and even more so together. Congratulations to the soon-to-be newlyweds!


Christopher defrank

I work for a property management company in their accounting department.  I've known David for basically my whole life. We grew up together in the same neighborhood and have stayed relatively close even though we live in separate states.  I'm very proud of the man Merz has become and glad we've stayed close.  I knew from the day Merz told me about Adrienne that he wanted her to be a part of his life forever, and now here we are celebrating this special day with them.  I feel honored to be a part of this special day for David & Adrienne and looking forward to seeing each and every one of you.


Andrew Merz

I am studying Materials Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University. I am currently employed at the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence, a research center aimed at bridging the gap between academia/research and industry. 
I've known David for literally my entire life. He's my big bro. I'm so proud to call him a bother and a role model. He has accomplished so much, and his ambition is something to admire. I'm so happy for David and Adrienne as they begin a new and everlasting chapter in life. I'm glad to be celebrating this very special occasion with all of you guys.


Phillip Merz

I am the little bro to David and superior twin of Andrew. I am a second year student studying Welding Engineering in the Department of Materials Science at The Ohio State University. I also work part-time at CDME as an undergraduate research assistant. I've known David since day one and have had the honor of pulling his hair in my play pen; being a part of his toddler wrestling matches him and his friends would put together with Andrew and I; going to his school plays and sporting events; going to his late night hockey games at the Chiller rinks across town; climbing mountains in Lebanon with him; and recently cheering on the Blue Jackets who are finally doing something after 16 years. Now I have the honor of celebrating the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for David and Adrienne, and I can't wait to celebrate with all of you!


Matthew Moon

I've known David for about fifteen years. David was a close friend of one of my buddies in high school, so naturally we ended up in the same room together at some point, and the rest is history. David has always had a great sensibility about him and an amazing passion for life, and I think that's why we have stayed friends for so long, as I share that passion as well. Every summer David and I go on a cross country camping trip and explore and experience what diverse and beautiful scenery this country has to offer. Those trips have definitely brought us closer together and strengthened our friendship, and its something I look forward to every year. I manage one of the busiest, if not the busiest restaurants in Columbus' Short North arts district called Condado, a tequila and taco bar. In addition I have a recording studio at my house where I produce/make music, which is what I have a degree for.
I'm super into mountain biking, camping, hiking, and travel, and I'm still single,
so lets go ladies!




Currently I lead the design at a tech company. When I'm not glued to Photoshop, I enjoy spending time with my pup and satisfying a new addiction, riding my Mom-Freaker-Outer (motorcycle). I met the fine dude named David (but called Merz) during our freshman year of college. The years went by and Merz became more focused on his future career, eventually becoming our class president and one of the most driven people in our school. He quickly became an inspiration to me.. an image of doing it right. Living a bit of a loose, wild, and unfocused lifestyle, as I have, requires both an anchor and a compass. Merz continues to be both of those things for me and consequently I owe a lot of my success to him. Beyond that, Merz has become one of my best friends. Through the worst of times and the best of times, he has always been there to support me even from afar. I could gush about his other good qualities, but you all know him. Simply put, he's a shining example of a good man. I'm deeply honored and excited to be a part of the next chapter, when we witness the solidification of a beautiful bond between two great people.



Ring Bearer

[Translation from the 'jaboo' doggie language]. I am so excited for my Momino and my dad to tie the knot. (I like knots, they are fun to chew.) When they asked me to be a 'ring bear', I knew it would be my calling since most people think I'm already a teddy bear.  They brought me to my new home in Chicago when I was just eleven weeks old. I like bellyrubs, bacon, cheese, and bellyrubs, but who doesn't? My day job is being a model for my instagram (@dominothedoggie), and making people happy by jumping all over them and trying to lick their face . I also like bellyrubs.